I'm a journalist, audio producer and podcaster.

I have six years of experience reporting and producing for public radio and podcasts under my belt. I'm excited to offer my services helping small businesses, non-profits and individuals produce unique and polished audio shows. I host and produce LADYPARTS, a podcast that takes a wide view on women’s health.



I've been thinking about making a frank podcast about women's health for a long time. I believe that in order for women to make informed decisions about our health, we have to break taboos against publicly discussing our basic bodily functions and most perplexing symptoms. Ladyparts takes a wide view, attempting to bridge the divide between mainstream medicine and holistic healthcare. 

This is also about the decisions we make as a society that impact women’s bodies, minds, and wellbeing. We look at where the healthcare system supports women and girls, and where it lets us down hard. We’ll think about women’s bodies in the working world, and how we can bend the paradigm towards gender parity. This is a resource for people who were born with female anatomy as well as those who identify as female. We’re greater than the sum of our parts (but the sum of our parts is pretty frickin great too).